Endangered Animals List

Animal endangerment is a big environmental issue,
and the number of endangered animals is constantly on the rise.

See the IUCN definitions of different types of animal endangerment here.

Below is a list of some of the most popular endangered animals, according to the IUCN classification.

Critically Endangered Animals

Sumatran Orangutan (Indonesia)

Sumatran Tiger (Indonesia)

Lear’s Macaw (Brazil)

Brown Spider Monkey (Colombia, Venezuela)

Rancho Grande Harlequin Frog (Venezuela)

Panamanian Golden Frog (Panama)

Pygmy Three-toed Sloth (Panama)

Yellow-crested Cockatoo (Indonesia)

Golden-bellied Capuchin (Brazil)

Elegant Frog (Australia)

Orinoco Crocodile (Colombia, Venezuela)

Mountain Gorilla (Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo)

Golden Mantella (Madagascar)

Eastern Red Colobus (Kenya)

Javan Rhinoceros (Indonesia, Vietnam)

Endangered Animals

Bonobo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Bornean Orangutan (Indonesia, Malaysia)

Common Chimpanzee (Eastern and Central Africa)

Golden Poison Frog (Colombia)

Hyacinth Macaw (South America)

Great Green Macaw (Central America)

Maned Three-toed Sloth (Brazil)

Diana Monkey (West Africa)

Indian Wild Dog (Dhole) (South Asia)

Aye-Aye (Madagascar)

Indian Elephant (India and South East Asia)

Golden Lion Tamarin (Brazil)

Red Slender Loris (Sri Lanka)

Proboscis Monkey (Indonesia)

Javan Langur (Indonesia)

Diademed Sifaka (Madagascar)

Mahogany Glider (Australia)

Giant Otter (South America)

Bengal Tiger (South East Asia)

Mountain Tapir and Baird’s Tapir (South America)

Vulnerable Animals

Blue Poison Frog (Suriname)

Giant Armadillo (South America)

Near Threatened Animals

Jaguar (Central and South America)

Harpy Eagle (Central and South America)

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