Pollution Pictures

Pollution pictures illustrate all too well just how degraded our environment has become.

Pollution may look beautiful but it is certainly not glamorous.

We have written a lot about environmental pollution, its causes and effects.

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Here we present some of the pollution pictures which have already been published elsewhere on this website.

No matter where we live, we can always encounter some unpleasant polluted locations that we would like to scream about to everyone willing to listen.

If you have a pollution picture that you want to share with the rest of us, please do send it over.

You can submit your own pollution photos & graphics related to pollution by getting in touch with us via our Contact Us page.

We look forward to publishing them on our website.

pollution emissions
Oil Pollution Emissions
Photo: Graeme MacLean
Fossil fuel pollution
Fossil Fuel Pollution
Photo: Rachel Scopes
coal burning
Coal Burning
Photo: Marcus Vegas
air pollution philippines
Air Pollution Philippines
Photo: Jim D Stitch
hollywood pollution
Pollution is Not Glamorous
Photo: Caleb Coppola
air pollution
Air Pollution
Photo: Owen Byrne
beijing traffic
Beijing Traffic
Photo: Aapo Haapanen
delhi pollution
Extreme Pollution, Delhi
Photo: Dave Morris
lake pollution, rain
Hope this rain is not acidic
Photo: Heather Dietz
amazon deforestation, rainforest destruction
Amazon Rainforest on Fire
Photo: Leonardo F. Freitas
mexico city smog
Mexico City Smog
Photo: Alfredo Cottin
santiago smog
Santiago Smog
Photo: Phil Whitehouse
construction dust pollution
Construction Dust
Photo: NIOSH
acid rain damaged trees
Trees Damaged by Acid Rain
Photo: Lindley Ashline
ammonia fertilization
Ammonia Fertilization, Australia, c. 1974
Photo: Rae Allen
bus pollution guatemala
Bus Pollution, Guatemala
Photo: Doron Laor
los angeles smog
Smog in Los Angeles
Photo: Bob Travis
air pollution, green field
Air Pollution Over Green Field
Photo: Ken Douglas
cement pollution, trees
Trees in Cement Factory, Brazil
Photo: Darlan Cunha
oil spill, oil pollution
Oil Pollution
Photo: Jay-P
coal dust pollution, particles
Particulate Pollution: Coal Dust
Photo: Paul Vitucci
ho chi mingh traffic
Ho Chi Minh Traffic
Photo: Graham of Flickr.com
los angeles smog
Los Angeles Smog
Photo: Brooke Ganz
coal power plant
Coal Power Plant
Photo: Wigwam Jones
oil pollution
Pollution Affects Your Health
pollution children
Playing With Pollution
Photo: Olivier Meerson
kathmandu pollution
Kathmandu Pollution
Photo: Lukasz Z
pollution, india
Tide of Ignorance, Pollution in India
Photo: Prem Asagar
water pollution
Water Pollution, California
Photo: Caleb Coppola
can pollution
Can Pollution
Photo: Mike Innocenzi
sulfur pollution trees
Trees Damaged by Sulfur Emissions
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
landfill, pollution
Landfill Pollution, just how worse can it get?
Photo: Zen Sutherland
oil coated duck
Oil Coated Duck
Photo: Jack Wolf
polluted child, girl, india
"Polluted" Child?
Photo: B. Sandman
downtown los angeles smog
Downtown Los Angeles Smog
Photo: Jami Dwyer
pollution kenya
Pollution, Kenya
Photo: Tom Maruko
moscow, pollution, red square
Red Square Pollution, Moscow
Photo: Antonis Shen
soot pollution
Soot Pollution, England
Photo: Owen Benson
car pollution
Vintage Car Pollution, Cuba
Photo: Kayugee
crude beach, florida, satire
"Crude" Beach, Florida
Photo: Mark Rain
polluted mother earth
Polluted Mother Earth
Photo: Gideon Wright
teddy bear toy ocean pollution, peru
"Teddy Bear" Ocean Pollution, Peru
Photo: Geraint Rowland
beach pollution oregon
Beach Pollution, Oregon
Photo: Jason Karn
gulf oil pollution, 2010
Gulf Oil Pollution, 2010
Photo: NOAA's National Ocean Service
polluted corals, dead, red sea
Dead Polluted Corals, Red Sea
Photo: Silke Baron
causes of pollution, earth, planet
Polluted Earth
Photo: Norbert Buchholz
drivers and causes of pollution
Drivers, Causes and Sources of Pollution
Graphic: Irina Bright
air pollution himalaya, haze
Air Pollution Haze, Himalaya
Photo: NASA Earth Observatory
amazon deforestation
Deforestation in Amazon
Photo: Daniele Gidsicki
river pollution haiti
River Pollution, Haiti
Photo: Alex Proimos
rainforest fire, sabah, penampang, malaysia
Rainforest Fire Pollution, Sabah
Photo: Thienzie Yung
rainforest haze pollution, sabah, malaysia, air pollution
Rainforest Haze Air Pollution, Sabah
Photo: Thienzie Yung
forest mountain garbage pollution, trash, romania
Forest Garbage Pollution, Romania
Photo: Horia Varlan


All these pictures are copyright of their respective owners.

We would like to thank the following nice people for kindly donating these pollution pictures to our site:

Graeme MacLean; Rachel Scopes; Jim D Stitch; Caleb Coppola; Owen Byrne; Marcus Vegas; Aapo Haapanen; Dave Morris; Leonardo F. Freitas; Alfredo Cottin; NIOSH; Lindley Ashline; Doron Laor; Bob Travis; Ken Douglas; Paul Vitucci; Brooke Ganz; Phil Whitehouse; Wigwam Jones;
Graham of Flickr.com; Lukasz Z; Jay-P; Rae Allen; Wikimedia Commons; Owen Benson; Heather Dietz; Olivier Meerson; Jami Dwyer; Tom Maruko; Jack Wolf; Mike Innocenzi; Kayugee; Antonis Shen; Prem Asagar; Zen Sutherland; B. Sandman; Mark Rain; Gideon Wright; Geraint Rowland; Jason Karn; NOAA's National Ocean Service; Silke Baron; Norbert Buchholz; Irina Bright; NASA Earth Observatory; Daniele Gidsicki; Alex Proimos; Thienzie Yung; Horia Varlan.

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