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If you love nature and you think you can share your knowldege with us, you are very welcome to do so.

We are now offering our visitors a chance to get your articles published on this website.

Articles on any subjects that you think may be somehow related to the topics discussed in this site, will be happily received.

Whereas the theme for our site is rainforests and rainforest animals, we discuss many other subjects, directly or indirectly, as well.

For example, you may also consider discussing such areas as:

    • endangered animals, animal conservation or nature conservation
    • environmental pollution
    • climate change and global warming
    • green investments which may generally help in relieving the pressure on the environment
    • and a lot more!

Maybe you will want to share your experience about specific environmental projects and spread the word about them to the wider public.

Or, perhaps, you have travelled a lot around the world and have some fantastic nature-inspired stories to share with us.

Have any photos you'd love to share? Let us know!

In one word, just let your imagination fly.

There are many ways in which you could benefit from publishing your articles on our website:

    • If you need experience in writing essays / research papers, what better chance can you get?
    • If you have your own website that you'd like to promote via our website, we will be happy to provide a link back to your site from your article;
    • Or, if you are just happy to share your knowledge with the rest of the world, this is the right place for you.

Once your article has been approved, we will publish it and will post your name and your photo as well (as much or as little information as you wish).

Please submit your article using our Contact Us page.

The only thing we are asking for is that your article is of high quality, inlcludes references if and as required and is at least 1,000 words in length.

We really look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

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