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All the information on this site is my own research and my copyright.

I have tried to produce as many references as only possible, to provide you with the best available information on the areas covered on the site.

Please feel free to use it to expand your knowledge!

This information may also be useful to you if you are doing your own research for your own projects.

If you do decide to use it for your research, it is your own responsibility to check all the references, resources, facts etc. for their accuracy before you submit your project.

Please do NOT copy whole paragpraphs or articles and do NOT publish them anywhere on the internet because this will violate my copyright!

Though I do my best to publish the most accurate information, I cannot be responsible for any errors / inaccuracies that may be found anywhere on this site.

Please do include proper references to the Tropical Rainforest Animals' website in your works if you decide to use any individual facts or opinions published on this website.

You can either cite the home page of the website or the specific page which you have used to get your information from.

There are many different ways to cite someone's work, for example, APA style and MLA style. There are other styles as well.

You can use whatever style you wish (even your own style!) to cite our website - it's up to you! Anything is good with us as long as the information you use is cited.

As an example, for references in this site I use the (slightly modified) APA style. For instance, see the Frog Articles' References.

If you want to cite any website, it's good practice to provide:

  • name of the author
  • month and / or year of the publication
  • title of the article you are referring to (you should normally be able to see it in the left-hand corner at the very top of your browser)
  • source of the article's publication
  • date that the website / webpage has been retrieved
  • address of the website / webpage you are referring to.

To give you an idea on how to cite this site in your work, see an example below:

Gray, I. (2011). Jaguar Animal. In Tropical-Rainforest-Animals.com. Retrieved December 27, 2011 from http://www.tropical-rainforest-animals.com/Jaguar-Animal.html

If you still have any questions, please let me know. I will be happy to talk!

Irina Bright

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