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Hi & welcome to Tropical-Rainforest-Animals.com.

My name is Irina Gray. I live with my family in Scotland, UK.

I am Russian by ethnic origin. I was born and grew up in a country called Turkmenistan which used to be part of the Soviet Union but now is an independent country.

I came to study to Britain on a scholarship from the British government and ended up finding a job and staying here to live.

My big interest in life has always been the economic development of less developed countries, and the major issues these countries have to deal with on their path to economic progress.

Climate change is a huge global issue now. My specific interest is how it affects developing countries and what can be done to mitigate the negative effects of climate change in general, and on developing countries, in particular.

Rainforests are of enormous importance for regulating the climate of the Earth.

Virtually all of the world's rainforests are located in developing countries. These countries have to balance the problem of their economic development, on the one hand, and rainforest conservation (from which everyone in the world benefits), on the other.

This has proven a very difficult balance to achieve as the poverty seems to persist whereas rainforests are still being destroyed for the satisfaction of different interest groups.

Rainforests are "the lungs of the Earth" - we all should care about keeping them safe and healthy.

And rainforest animals are very vulnerable to the destruction of their habitats on which they depend for their survival.

I thought it would be great to spread information about the problems that rainforests and many, many rainforest animals are facing now, and what can be practically done to help their lot.

There are many things, small and big, that we can do to help rainforests and the global environment in general.

Green investment is, perhaps, one of the most efficient tools we can employ to deal with environmental problems.

And that is the reason I devote a whole area to this subject on Tropical-rainforest-animals.com.

In a way, this website is my own research project.

I have pulled together lots of well referenced information from a number of different sources, probably some of the best you can currently find on the internet.

And now you can use all the articles on this website to expand your knowledge of rainforests and other related topics even further.

Do you want to quote any of the articles on this website?

Please see how to cite my articles here.

I hope you will find this site interesting and informative.

Please do let me know what you think.

Irina Gray

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